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All pages in Proteopedia are educational, but some have been designed by teachers (instructors, professors, educators) specifically as slides for projection to illustrate lectures, or as tutorials for classroom use. Below is a list of such pages. Note that pages by students are listed separately at Student Projects. Pages that were created under a user's name are protected.

Pages by Educators

Pages created within a User: domain are protected from edits by others, but their contents may be freely copied and adapted into other pages in Proteopedia.

  • Glutamine synthetase: User:Tom Gluick/glutamine synthetase (University of Maryland, Baltimore County). Includes instructions for using Jmol commands in the Jmol console for advanced scene authoring.
  • Lac repressor: Introduction, structure, morph of the conversion from non-specific to specific DNA binding, and questions to challenge your understanding.
  • Nucleosomes: User:Eric Martz/Nucleosomes: Slides of nucleosome structure designed for, and used in, the majors' biochemistry class (Biochm 524). The same slides were copied into the non-protected page Nucleosomes, where they are freely editable (and the color scheme was improved). (University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA US)
  • Introduction to Proteopedia and Authoring Pages for a work session for Chemistry 791 - Biomolecular Structure (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) so they could do their end-of-the-semester presentations on the protein of their choice using Proteopedia.

Molecule of the Month (MotM) Series

The Molecule of the Month series of tutorials by David Goodsell offers a wealth of molecular structure information, beautifully explained and illustrated, for student and educators. Beginning with the August, 2008 molecule, Goodsell has begun writing Proteopedia pages to complement his articles. For a complete list of Proteopedia pages in this Category see RCSB PDB Molecule of the Month.

Date MotM Article Proteopedia Page
June 2009 Vaults 2zuo,2zv4,2zv5,3dkt,2qw7,3bn4
May 2009 Influenza Neuraminidase 1nn2,3b7e,2hu4,1nca,2bat,3cl0
April 2009 Oct and Sox Transcription Factors 1gt0,1nkp,2ebt,1o4x
March 2009 Hydrogenase 2frv,1feh,3dag,3f47,1e08,1hfe
February 2009 Hydrogenase 1e08
January 2009 Tobacco Mosaic Virus 2tmv
October 2008 Poly(A) Polymerase 2q66
September 2008 Ribonuclease A 1rta
August 2008 Selenocysteine Synthase SelB

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