2-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase 3D structures

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Updated on 25-February-2021 - For a general description of the protein see 2-oxoisovalerate_dehydrogenase

1v1r - hOIVD α+β subunits - human
1dtw, 1x7x, 1x7w, 1x7y, 1x7z, 2j9f, 1olu, 2bfb, 2bfd, 2bfe, 2bff, 1v11 - hOIVD α (mutant)+ β subunits + ThDP derivative
1olx - hOIVD α+β (mutant) subunits + ThDP
1wci - hOIVD α+β subunits + thiamine derivative
2bfc - hOIVD α (mutant)+ β subunits + pyrimidine derivative
1v16 - hOIVD α+β subunits + ThDP + benzamidine
1v1m - hOIVD α (mutant)+ β subunits + ThDP + benzamidine
2bew, 2beu, 2bev - hOIVD α+β subunits + ThDP derivative + peptide
2bp7, 1qs0 - OIVD α+β subunits - Pseudomonas putida

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