Acid-beta-glucosidase 3D structures

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3D structures of Acid-beta-glucosidase

Updated on 02-October-2022

2wkl, 3gxd, 3gxi, 3gxm, 2v3f, 2nt0, 2nt1, 2j25, 2f61, 1ogs, 3rik, 6tjj, 6tn1 – hABG – human
3ke0, 3keh – hABG (mutant)
2wcg, 3gxf, 2vt0, 2v3e, 2v3d, 1y7v, 3ril, 5lvx, 6moz, 6q6l, 6q6k, 6q6n, 6ytp, 6ytr, 6yut, 6yv3 – hABG + inhibitor
2nsx – hABG + pharmacological chaperone
2xwd, 2xwe – hABG + nojirimycin derivative
6z39, 6z3i, 7nwv – hABG + activity probe
6tjq – hABG + glucopyranoside derivative
6tjk – hABG + bis-tris propane

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