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Mouse CD44 hyaluronan-binding domain complex with glucuronic acid, NAG and ethylene glycerol (PDB code 2jcq)

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3D structures of CD44

Updated on 02-June-2021

1uuh, 4pz4 – hCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain – human
1poz, 2i83 - hCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain – NMR
4pz3 - hCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain + tetrapeptide
2jcp - mCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain – mouse
2jcq, 2jcr - mCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain + 8-mer HA
4mrd, 4mre, 4mrf, 4mrg, 4mrh, 4np2, , 4np3, 5bzc, 5bzk - mCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain + inhibitor
5bzt, 5bzs, 5bzr, 5bzq, 5bzp, 5bzo, 5bzn, 5bzm, 5bzl, 5bzj, 5bzi, 5bzh, 5bzg, 5bzf, 5bze - mCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain (mutant) + inhibitor
4np3 - mCD44 hyaluronan-binding domain + tetrapeptide


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