CFTR inhibitory factor

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CFTR inhibitory factor complex with an intermediate (PDB code 5tnh)

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3D structures of CFTR inhibitory factor

Updated on 07-May-2020

3kd2 - PaCif - Pseudomonas aeruginosa
3kda, 4dm7, 4dln, 4dmf, 4dmh, 4dmk, 3pi6, 4dmc - PaCif (mutant)
5tnh, 5tng, 5tni, 5tnl, 5tnk, 5tnn, 5tnm, 5tnd, 5tnf, 5tne, 5tnp, 5tnr, 5tnq, 5tns, 5tnj, 5jyc, 4dno, 4dnf - PaCif (mutant) + intermediate
4ehb - PaCif (mutant) + epoxyhexane
4eus - PaCif + hexanediol
4yx9, 5hka, 5hkb, 5hk9 - PaCif + inhibitor


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