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Videos helping to explain COVID-19

There are many interesting videos that have been made related to the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and the resulting pandemic. Some of the most fascinating videos can be seen in the Proteopedia pages:

The Czech Republic took the uncommon step of making wearing of masks mandatory in public spaces, prompting a grassroots effort to make masks, with wonderful results

Fighting Coronavirus with Soap by PDB-101.

Modeling an epidemic (6-Mar-2020) We're not ready for the next epidemic by 3blue1brown.

COVID-19 outbreak shown via 3D animation (11-Feb 11-2020) by Sci Animations.

Bill Gates Ted Talk (3-Apr-2015) We're not ready for the next epidemic by Ted Talks.

George W. Bush urged us to prepare for future pandemics in 2005, at the NIH.

A computer game, developed at the Inst for Protein Design (Univ Washington), is being used to try to find new lead compounds that might become drugs to treat COVID-19.

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