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Advanced users may wish to call up a scene saved via Proteopedia from within inline JSmol scripts placed in a page. For example, this can be useful for some pages that use multiple structures to call up a certain scene at the start of JSmol script be sure the user has the structure or scene open that you wish the inline JSmol script to build upon.

To do this, you need the scene name as provided by the Scene Authoring Tools.
Then to load that scene from within any script follow these instructions:

Let’s assume that the green link to your scene is <scene name='41/413146/start_view/1'>Starting view</scene>. You need to add load /wiki/scripts/ before the name and .spt after it, as follows:

load /wiki/scripts/41/413146/Space_fill/1.spt
… <additional JSmol scripted steps> …
 <text>text to be the green scene link text</text>


  • the 'Button' example at Jmol/Interactivity
  • An example of this in action can be seen in the script triggered by the scene link 'A progression from all atoms to cartoon' that illustrates the relationship of the protein backbone to the secondary structure representation as part of the Secondary structure page.
  • User:Wayne_Decatur/SecStrFadeIn

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