Complex III of Electron Transport Chain

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Yeast cytochrome bc1 complex with cytochrome C (PDB code 1kyo)

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Notes and References

  1. C.Lange,C.Hunte, Crystal Structure of The Yeast Cytochrome BC1 Complex with Its Bound Substrate Cytochrome C., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 99, 2800, 2002
  2. 1KYO.pdb is being used to generate the images in the first applet. The 'default scene' green link available in the first Jmol applet displays all the components of 1KYO.PDB which include all the peptides of the dimer structure along with Heavy Chain (Vh) of Fv-Fragment, Light Chain (Vl) of Fv-Fragment and Cytochrome C, Iso-1. Follow the link to OCA in the green table below the applet for additional information on the complete complex and the peptide components.
  3. External link to structure of ubiquinol
  4. 4.0 4.1 This structure and the next several are generated by a modification of 1KYO.pdb. The Jmol command 'write file' was used to make a PDB file that contains only the 6 active subunits and cytochrome c (chains c,d,e,n,o,p,w) and the cofactors of those peptides. Since 1KYO.pdb contains stigmatellin bound at the QP sites, stigmatellin will be used to represent ubiquinol at QP in the modified pdb file.
  5. S.Iwata, J.W.Lee,K.Okada,J.K.Lee, M.Iwata, B.Rasmussen, T.A.Link, S.Ramaswamy, B.K.Jap, Science, 281, 64, 1998
  6. 6.0 6.1 The pdb file used for this scene and those of the next couple were generated by a modification of 1BGY.pdb. It contains data for only the six active subunits (chains c, d, e, o, p, q) and their cofactors. The pdb file contains no substrates or inhibitors bound at QP or QN so the computed surface of these interior spaces is one large surface which outlines all four binding sites.
  7. External link to structure of UQH -
  8. External link to structure of semiquinone
  9. External link to structure of conjugate base of the semiquinone
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