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See the real page at Molecular Playground/HIV Protease Inhibitor.
This page is simply for the purpose of demonstrating how to make a complex animation play from a text link that looks like a typical Proteopedia Green Scene Links.

Complex Animation Playing From a Green Link

Demo will play here.

Drag the structure with the mouse to rotate

You may rotate the molecule at any time during the animation.

The Molecular Playground interactive projection in the Integrated Sciences Building at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, shows the molecular display that you see when you press the button above. This is only one of a series of modules that are shown. Instructions for authoring modules that display molecules in Molecular Playground are available.

Methods. The Play Animation link above runs a Jmol command script, which was authored by hand, and uploaded to Proteopedia. You can examine the script at Image:MP hivdrug.spt, which uses Image:MPSupportVersion01.spt (see Molecular Playground/Authoring). The atomic coordinate file (PDB file) displayed above (Image:Hivpi binding simulation.pdb.gz) contains 21 models, representing a simulation of the binding of Tamiflu to HIV protease. The simulation was done with MDL Sculpt starting with 1hxw, which remains as the 21st model.

See the real page at Molecular Playground/HIV Protease Inhibitor.

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