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Doppel (Dpl), named for downstream prion protein-like[1], is a homolog of the prion protein (PrP). It is a cell surface glycoprotein.

Structure of Dpl

PDB ID 1lg4

1lg4, 20 NMR models ()
Gene: Prnd (Homo sapiens)
Related: 1i17
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Dpl has the same fold as the C-terminal domain PrP, with three alpha helices and two short beta strands[2]. However Dpl differs from PrP in two important respects: the second helix of Dpl has a pronounced kink in it, and Dpl also contains .

The structure mutant PrP with the additional disulphide bond was also determined [3]

Related structures

  • 1z65 Mouse Dpl residues 1-30
  • 1lg4 Human Dpl residues 24-152
  • 1i17 Mouse Dpl residues 51-157
  • 1h0l Human PrP residues 121-230, with an additional disulphide bond analogous to the homolog Doppel


  1. Moore, R et al. (1999) Ataxia in Prion Protein (PrP)-deficient mice is associated with upregulation of the novel PrP-like protein Doppel J. Mol. Biol. 292, 797-817
  2. Mo H et al. (2001) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98,2352-7
  3. Zahn R et al. (2003) NMR structure of a variant human prion protein with two disulfide bridges J. Mol. Biol. 326, 225-34.

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