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Cleaved leech Eglin. Residues 1-45 (grey) and 46-70 (green) (PDB code 1egp).

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3D Structures of Eglin

Updated on 19-October-2017

1egp – lEglin-C – leech
1egl - lEglin-C – NMR
1sbn, 1sib, 1cse - lEglin-C+BsSubtilisin – Bacillus subtilis
2sec - lEglin-C+BlSubtilisin – Bacillus licheniformis
1acb - lEglin-C+bChymotrypsinogen – bovine
4b1t, 4b2a, 4b2b, 4b2c - lEglin-C (mutant) +bTrypsin (mutant)
1mee - lEglin-C+BpMesentericopeptidase – Bacillus pumilus
2tec, 3tec, 1tec - lEglin-C+TvThermitase – Thermoactinomyces vulgaris
4h4f - lEglin-C+ hChymotrypsin – human


  1. McPhalen CA, James MN. Structural comparison of two serine proteinase-protein inhibitor complexes: eglin-c-subtilisin Carlsberg and CI-2-subtilisin Novo. Biochemistry. 1988 Aug 23;27(17):6582-98. PMID:3064813

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