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Yeast epsin-2 ENTH complex with PIP2 and sulfate (PDB code 5on7)

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3D structures of epsin

Updated on 23-February-2023

1inz - hEps epsin N-terminal homology domain ENTH 1-144 - human NMR
1xgw, 2qy7 - hEps-4 ENTH domain
1edu, 1eyh - rEps-1 ENTH domain - rat
1h0a - rEps ENTH domain + inositol triphosphate
5lp0 - Eps-1 ENTH domain - zebrafish
5onf, 5loz - yEps-1 ENTH domain - yeast
5ahv, 7b2l - yEps-1 ENTH domain + SLA2 ANTH domain - Cryo EM
6enr, 4gzc - yEps-2 ENTH domain
4gzd - yEps-2 ENTH domain (mutant)
5on7 - yEps-2 ENTH domain + PIP2
3onk - yEps-3 ENTH domain
3onl - yEps-3 ENTH domain + T-SNARE VTII HABC domain
5j08, 5cmw, 5cmy - yEps-5 ENTH domain
5oo7 - Eps-2 ENTH domain + PIP2 – Chaetomium thermophilum


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