Erythropoietin receptor

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2 extracellular domains of Human erythropoietin receptor (green) complex with erythropoietin (magenta) (PDB code 1cn4)

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3D Structures of erythropoietin receptor

Updated on 23-February-2023

1ern – hEpoR extracellular domain 25-249 - human
2mv6 – hEpoR transmembrane domain 237-284 - NMR
1ebp, 1eba – hEpoR extracellular domain + Epo peptide
1cn4, 1eer – hEpoR extracellular domain (mutant) + Epo (mutant)
2jix – hEpoR extracellular domain + antibody
4y5x, 4y5v, 4y5y – hEpoR extracellular domain + diabody
6moe, 6moh, 6moj, 6mof, 6moi, 6mok, 6mol – hEpoR extracellular domain + darpin
6mol, 6e2q – hEpoR residues 273-338 + JAK2
2mxb – EpoR transmembrane domain – mouse - NMR


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