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Human Factor XIII dimer (PDB entry 1ggt)

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3D Structures of Factor XIII

Updated on 22-May-2018

1ggt – hFXIII - human
1ex0 – hFXIII zymogen (mutant)
1fie – hFXIII subunit A
1f13 - hFXIII zymogen subunit A dimer
4kty - hFXIII subunit A + peptide-like ligand
5mhl, 5mhm, 5mhn, 5mho - hFXIII subunit A (mutant) + peptide inhibitor
1ggy, 1qrk, 1ggu, 1evu – hFXIII + ion
1de7 – hFXIII activation peptide + α-thrombin


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