Galactose oxidase

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Galactose oxidase with Cu+2 (orange) and Na+ ions (purple), 1gog

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3D structures of galactose oxidase

Updated on 02-August-2021

1gof, 1gog, 1goh – GAO + Cu – Hypomyces rosellus
1k3i – FuGAO precursor – Fusarium
1t2x – FuGAO (mutant) + Cu
2vz3 - GzGAO + Cu – Gibberella zeae
2eib, 2eic, 2eid, 2wq8 - GzGAO (mutant) + Cu
6xlt – GzGAO + Cu
6xlr, 6xls – GzGAO + Cu + modified Tyr272
2eie – GzGAO + N3
2jkx – GzGAO
2vz1 – GzGAO premature


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