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Structure of human glucagon (PDB entry 1bh0)

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3D Structures of glucagon

Updated on 02-May-2023

Human glucagon residues 53-81

1kx6, 2m5p, 2m5q, 6nzn – hGLC - NMR
1nau – hGLC (mutant) – NMR
5otu, 5otv, 5otw, 5otx – hGLC (mutant) + GLC-like peptide 1 receptor
6phj, 6pho – hGLC preprotein
6phm, 6phq – D-hGLC preprotein
6phn – D-hGLC preprotein (mutant)
6phk, 6phl, 6php – hGLC preprotein (mutant)
5yqz - GLC (analog) bound to receptor
2g49, 6eds – hGLC preprotein + insulin-degrading enzyme
1gcn - GLC residues 33-61 - pig


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