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Model of human Iga1 1iga

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  • Fab and Fc Fragments
Refined crystal structure of the galactan-binding immunoglobulin fab j539 at 1.95-angstroms resolution 2fbj
Phosphocholine binding immunoglobulin fab mc/pc603. an x-ray diffraction study at 2.7 angstroms 1mcp
Phosphocholine binding immunoglobulin fab mc/pc603. an x-ray diffraction study at 3.1 angstroms 2mcp
Crystal structure of human FcaRI bound to IgA1-Fc 1ow0
Refined crystal structure of a recombinant immunoglobulin domain and a complementarity-determining region 1-grafted mutant 2imm and2imn
Crystal structure of a Staphylococcus aureus protein (SSL7) in complex with Fc of human IgA1 2qej
  • Monomeric
Model of human IgA1 determined by solution scattering, curve-fitting, and homology modeling 1iga
Model of human IgA2 determined by solution scattering, curve fitting and homology modelling 1r70
  • Dimeric and Secretory
Solution structure of human dimeric immunoglobulin A 2qtj
Solution structure of human secretory IgA1 3chn
Solution Structure of Human SIgA2 3cm9
Solution structure of human secretory component 2ocw

Related Molecules

  • non-IgA antibody isotypes
IgM: Solution structure of human Immunoglobulin M 2rcj
IgG: Crystal structure of the intact human IgG B12 with broad and potent activity against primary HIV-1 isolates: a template for HIV vaccine design 1hzh
IgG: Three=dimensional structure of a human immunoglobulin with a hinge deletion 1mco
IgD: Semi-extended solution structure of human myeloma immunoglobulin D determined by constrained X-ray scattering 1zvo
IgE: Structure of the human ige-fc bound to its high affinity receptor fc(epsilon)ri(alpha) 1f6a
  • Other C-type immunoglobulin examples
MHC: Crystal Structure of monomeric human beta-2-microglobulin 1lds
TCR: Crystal Structure of the G17E/A52V/S54N/Q72H/E80V/L81S/T87S/G96V variant of the murine T cell receptor V beta 8.2 domain 2apv
  • V-type immunoglobulin examples
Crystal Structure of a Ligand-Binding Domain of the Human Polymeric Ig Receptor, pIgR 1xed
Crystal structure of human FcaRI 1ovz
Influenza virus hemagglutinin complexed with a neutralizing antibody 1qfu


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