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Raltegravir, better known as Isentress, (3l2v)

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Retroviral Integrase Inhibitor Pharmacokinetics
Parameter Raltegravir Elvitegravir MK-2048
Tmax (hr) 1.8 2-4 N/A
Cmax (ng/ml) 4253 2070 N/A
Bioavailability (%) 32 ~30 N/A
Protein Binding (%) 83 N/A N/A
T1/2 (hr) 10.8 7.6 N/A
AUC (ng/ml/hr) 10168 21200 N/A
Dosage (mg) 400 150 N/A
Metabolism Hepatic - (UGT1A1) Hepatic - (CYP3A4) N/A

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