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Human laminin integrin binding domain. Subunit α-5 (grey, yellow), subunit β-1 (green, light pink), subunit γ-1 (yellow, cyan) and Ca+2 (green) (PDB code 5xau)

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3D structures of laminin

Updated on 18-June-2023

8dmk - hLAM subunit α-1+beta-1+gamma-1 – human – Cryo EM
4yeq, 4yep - hLAM subunit α-2 L4b domain 1177-1379
5xau - hLAM integrin-binding domain subunit α-5 2655-3327 + hLAM subunit β-1 1714-1786 + hLAM subunit γ-1 1528-1609 (mutant)
7cec - hLAM integrin-binding domain subunit α-5 2655-3327 (mutant) + hLAM subunit β-1 1714-1786 + hLAM subunit γ-1 1528-1609 + integrin α6β1– Cryo EM
5lf2 - rLAM subunit β-2 LE5-LF-LE6 domain 523-833 - rat
2jd4 - mLAM subunit α-1 LG4-5 domain 2706-3084 (mutant) - mouse
2wj8 - mLAM subunit α-2 LG1-3 domain 2136-2746
5ik7, 5ik4, 5ik8, 5ik5 - mLAM subunit α-2 LG4-5 domain 2729-3118
1dyk, 1okq - mLAM subunit α-2 LG4-5 domain 2729-3118 (mutant)
1qu0 - mLAM subunit α-2 LG5 domain 2932-3106 (mutant)
2y38 - mLAM subunit α-5 LN-LEA1-2 domain 44-433
1tle - mLAM subunit γ-1 LE domain 824-881 - NMR
4aqt - mLAM subunit γ-1 LN-LE2 domain 53-395
4aqs - mLAM subunit γ-1 LN-LE4 domain 22-542
1klo - mLAM subunit γ-1 module III 3-5 771-932
1npe - mLAM subunit γ-1 module III 3-5 + nidogen G3 YWTD domain
5mc9 - mLAM integrin-binding domain subunit α-1 2079-2707 + mLAM subunit β-1 1735-1786 + mLAM subunit γ-1 1548-1607


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