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Human LRH-1 (deepskyblue) complex with TIF-2 peptide (green) and an agonist (PDB code 5l11)

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3D Structures of liver receptor homolog-1

Updated on 18-June-2023

4is8 – hLRH1 LBD – human
3tx7 – hLRH1 LBD + catenin + phospholipid
4pld – hLRH1 LBD + NCOA-2 peptide + phospholipid
1yok, 4dos, 4ple, 1zdu – hLRH1 LBD + NCOA-2 peptide + phospholipid
5l11, 5syz, 6oqx, 6oqy, 6or1, 6vc2, 6vif, 7jyd, 7jye, 7tt8 – hLRH1 LBD + NCOA-2 peptide + agonist
4oni, 1yuc – hLRH1 LBD + nuclear receptor 0B2 peptide + phospholipid
1zh7 – hLRH1 LBD + SHP peptide
4dor – hLRH1 LBD + SHP peptide + phospholipid
4rwv – hLRH1 LBD + DAX-1 peptide + phospholipid
5unj – hLRH1 LBD + PGC1A peptide + phospholipid
2a66, 5l0m – hLRH1 DBD + DNA
1pk5 – mLRH1 LBD – mouse
3f5c – mLRH1 LBD (mutant) + DAX-1 peptide


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