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EcMR (mutant) complex with corepressor SAM, Ca+2 ion (green) and DNA 1mjo

3D Structures of Met repressor

Updated on 10-July-2019

1cmb – EcMR – Escherichia coli
1mjk – EcMR (mutant)
1cma – EcMR + DNA
1mjm – EcMR (mutant) + DNA
1cmc – EcMR + SAM
1mjl, 1mjp – EcMR (mutant) + SAM
1mj2, 1mjo, 1mjq – EcMR (mutant) + SAM + DNA


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  2. Garvie CW, Phillips SE. Direct and indirect readout in mutant Met repressor-operator complexes. Structure. 2000 Sep 15;8(9):905-14. PMID:10986458

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