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Mouse moesin FERM domain (green) complex with Crumbs C-terminal peptide (magenta), glycerol and I- ions (purple) (PDB code 4yl8).

3D structures of moesin

Updated on 15-October-2020

3u8z - hMO FERM domain 1-296 - human
1ef1 - hMO FERM domain + C-terminal domain 487-576
1e5w - hMO FERM domain + 1st helix 297-345
6txq - hMO FERM+helical linker domains - Cryo EM
6txs - hMO FERM+helical linker domains + CD44 peptide
1sgh - hMO FERM domain + EBP50 peptide
2i1k, 2i1j - MO - armyworm
4yl8 - MO FERM domain + Crumbs C-terminal peptide - mouse


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