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MMP9 complex with inhibitor, Ca+2 (green) and Zn+2 (grey) ions (PDB code 1gkc).

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MMP9 is a member of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) which are zinc-dependent endopeptidases. It has been found to associate with many types of cancers and investigated as a potential drug target. Various of have been designed to bind to the and inhibit the activity of MMP9.

ProMMP9 has a propeptide domain with a zinc ligating "cysteine switch" at the , rendering the enzyme inactive until the propeptide is cleaved.

Reference: Siân Rowsell, Paul Hawtin,Claire A. Minshull, Holly Jepson, Sarah M.V. Brockbank,Derek G. Barratt, Anthony M. Slater, William L. McPheat, David Waterson, Adriano M. Henney, Richard A. Pauptit Crystal Structure of Human MMP9 in Complex with a Reverse Hydroxamate Inhibitor, Volume 319, Issue 1, 24 May 2002, Pages 173–181

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