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Mol* (/'molstar/) is an open collaboration started by PDBe and RCSB PDB to provide a technology stack for data delivery and analysis tools of macromolecules. Mol* builds on experience from previous solutions: LiteMol Suite, WebChemistry, NGL Viewer, MMTF, MolQL, PDB Component Library

We developed MolStarExtension enabling the use of Mol* on MediaWiki

Mol* advantages compared to other viewers

  • Renders macromolecules with millions of atoms and large Cryo-EM data sets (i.e. 5ire 6b43)
  • Provides access to a wide range of model and volumetric (experimental) data, and makes it possible to see how well the models fit to experimental data, e.g. density maps from X-rays or EM.
  • Renders using HTML5 or WebGL

Mol* disadvantages compared to other viewers

  • There's no scripting language

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