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Human NGF (green, yellowgreen) complex with TrkA receptor domain 5 (cyan, deepskyblue) (PDB code 1www)

3D structures of nerve growth factor

Updated on 09-November-2020

4edk, 4edw, 5jz7 - hβ-NGF + antibody - human
2ifg, 1www - hβ-NGF + TrkA
1sg1 - hβ-NGF + neutrophin receptor
4zbn - hβ-NGF + DNA
6xuo - NGF - horse
1btg, 5lsd, 1sgf, 1bet - mNGF - mouse
4xpj, 4eax - mNGF + lipid
6ffy - mNGF + SorCS2
3ij2 - mNGF + TNFR
4ec7 - NGF + lipid - cobra


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