Nuclear transcription factor Y

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Human nuclear transcription factor Y subunit α (cyan), subunit β (green) and subunit γ (pink) complex with HSP70 promoter DNA fragment (PDB code 4awl)

3D Structures of nuclear transcription factor Y

Updated on 14-September-2020

1n1j, 4csr – hNFY β+γ subunits - human
6qmp, 6qmq, 6qms – hNFY α peptide+β+γ subunits
4awl – hNFY α+β+γ subunits + promoter DNA
5g49 – NFY β6+γ3 subunits – Arabidopsis thaliana
7c9p – rNFY b11+c2 subunits – rice
7c9o – rNFY b11+c2 subunits + zinc finger protein HD1 + DNA


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