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Structure of human PCSK9 catalytic domain (blue) and prodomain (green) complex with LDL receptor EGF-A domain (magenta) and Ca+2 ion (PDB entry 2w2m)

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3D structures of PCSK9

Updated on 05-December-2021

2p4e, 2pmw, 2qtw – hPCSK9 – human
3bps, 2w2m, 3gcx – hPCSK9 + LDLR EGF-A
2w2n, 3gcw – hPCSK9 + LDLR EGF-A (mutant)
2w2o, 2w2p, 2w2q, 7kev, 7kfa – hPCSK9 (mutant) + LDLR EGF-A
2xtj, 3sqo, 4k8r – hPCSK9 + antibody
3h42 – hPCSK9 (mutant) + antibody
6e4y, 6e4z, 6mv5 – hPCSK9 N terminal + antibody
6u26, 6u2n, 6u2p – hPCSK9 + inhibitor
6u2f, 6u36, 6u38, 6u3i, 6u3x – hPCSK9 + antibody + inhibitor
6xib, 6xic, 6xid, 6xie, 6xif, 7s5h – hPCSK9 + peptide
7s5g – hPCSK9 + peptide + inhibitor
6u2f, 6u3i – hPCSK9 + antibody + peptide inhibitor
3m0c – hPCSK9 (mutant) + LDLR
3p5b, 3p5c – hPCSK9 + LDLR variant
4ov6 – hPCSK9 + adnectin
7anq – hPCSK9 C terminal + VHH minibody
6olz, 6om0, 6om7 – hPCSK9 in ribosome – Cryo EM


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