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Structure of Cry protein Cry1Aa(PDB entry 1ciy)

3D structure of pesticidal crystal protein

Updated on 08-December-2021

1ciy, 6dj4 – BtCry1a – Bacillus thuringiensis
6wpc – BtCry1a (mutant)
4arx – BtCry1ac
4w8j – BtCry1ac (mutant)
4ary – BtCry1ac + GalNAc
6owk – BtCry1be
6ovb – BtCry1da (mutant)
1i5p – BtCry2aa
4rhz – BtCry23aa1 + BtCry37aa1
4qx0, 4qx1, 4qx2, 4qx3, 6lfp – BtCry3aa
7ear – BtCry3aa (mutant)
1ji6 – BtCry3bb
2c9k – BtCry4aa
1w99 – BtCry4ba
4moa – BtCry4ba (mutant)
4d8m – BtCry5ba
5kud, 5kuc, 5ghe – BtCry6aa
5zi1 – BtCry7cal

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