Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase

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Human phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase with adenosyl homocysteine complex with substrate noradrenochrome (PDB entry 3hcb)

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3D Structures of Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase

Updated on 23-August-2023

3kpj – hPNMT+AdoHcy – human
3kpu, 3kpv, 3kpw, 3kpy, 3kqm, 3kqo, 3kqp, 3kqq, 3kqs, 3kqt, 3kqv, 3kqw, 3kqy, 3kr0, 3kr1, 3kr2, 3hcb, 3hcc, 3hcf, 2ony, 2g70, 2g71, 2g8n, 2an5, 1yz3, 1n7i, 1n7j, 1hnn, 6ws1, 7two, 7tx2 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+ligand
3hca, 3hce, 2obf, 2onz, 2obp - hPNMT (mutant)+AdoHcy+ligand
3hcd - hPNMT+AdoHcy+noradrenaline
2g72 - hPNMT+AdoMet+ligand
2opb - hPNMT+AdoMet + inhibitor
2an3 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+substrate analog
2an4 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+octopamine
4dm3 - hPNMT+AdoHcy + resorcinol + imidazole
4mik, 4mq4 – hPNMT + inhibitor


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