Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase

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Human phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase with adenosyl homocysteine complex with substrate noradrenochrome (PDB entry 3hcb)

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3D Structures of Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase

Updated on 21-September-2020

3kpj – hPNMT+AdoHcy – human
3kpu, 3kpv, 3kpw, 3kpy, 3kqm, 3kqo, 3kqp, 3kqq, 3kqs, 3kqt, 3kqv, 3kqw, 3kqy, 3kr0, 3kr1, 3kr2, 3hcb, 3hcc, 3hcf, 2ony, 2g70, 2g71, 2g8n, 2an5, 1yz3, 1n7i, 1n7j, 1hnn, 6ws1 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+ligand
3hca, 3hce, 2obf, 2onz, 2obp - hPNMT (mutant)+AdoHcy+ligand
3hcd - hPNMT+AdoHcy+noradrenaline
2g72 - hPNMT+AdoMet+ligand
2opb - hPNMT+AdoMet + inhibitor
2an3 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+substrate analog
2an4 - hPNMT+AdoHcy+octopamine
4dm3 - hPNMT+AdoHcy + resorcinol + imidazole
4mik, 4mq4 – hPNMT + inhibitor


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