Prolyl hydroxylase domain

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Human PHD2 catalytic domain complex with Fe+2 ion (orange), inhibitor and sulfate, 3ouh

3D Structures of prolyl hydroxylase domain

2y33 – hPHD2 + Zn + quinolin derivative – human
3ouh, 3oui, 5v18 - hPHD2 + Fe + inhibitor
4kbz - hPHD2 (mutant) + Fe + inhibitor
5a3u - hPHD2 + Mn + inhibitor
4jzr - hPHD2 + Ni + inhibitor
3ouj - hPHD2 + Fe + 2OG
5l9r - hPHD2 (mutant) + Mn + 2OG
3hqr, 5l9b - hPHD2 (mutant) + Mn + HIF 1 α C terminal + 2OG
5l9v, 5la9, 5las - hPHD2 (mutant) + Mn + HIF NODD domain + 2OG
3hqu - hPHD2 + Fe + HIF 1 α C terminal + quinolin derivative
2hbt, 2hbu, 2g19, 2g1m, [[2y34], 4bqi], 2y34 - hPHD2 + Fe + quinolin derivative
4bqw, 4bqx, 4bqy - hPHD2 + Mn + quinolin derivative
5lat, 5lb6, 5lbb, 5lbc, 5lbe, 5lbf, 4uwd - hPHD2 (mutant) + Mn + quinolin derivative
4h6j – hPHD Pasb domain (mutant) + aryl hydrocarbon nuclear translocator (mutant)
5v1b - hPHD1 + Fe + inhibitor


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