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Proteopedia's Twitter and Facebook updates

Must read for Proteopedia users: How to be as safe as possible with Java 5:08 PM AM - 2 Feb, 2013 via Facebook

The inside cover of the HHMI Bulletin includes a black background version of an image on the Proteopedia GPCR page. 10:45 PM - 22 Jan, 2013 via Facebook , and then edited to fit Twitter.

Two reports on intrinsically disordered proteins in F1000 Reports BIOLOGY 7:49 AM - 17 Jan, 2013 via Facebook

Users of new Macs who are having trouble with Proteopedia, be aware Oracle has released a fix for the security issue in Java that caused Apple to block the browser plug-in. ... 10:42 AM - 14 Jan, 2013 via Facebook

Congratulations to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka ! Come twirl a Nobel-worthy structure!... 9:22 AM - 10 Oct, 2012 via Facebook

Proteopedia Turns New York City Students into Scientists 9:54 PM - 14 Mar, 2012 via web

Joel Sussman chats with Jspace about Proteopedia 9:52 PM - 14 Mar, 2012 via web

The Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry now has complementary interactive pages in Proteopedia... 10 Oct, 2011 via Facebook

RT @NatureNews Consortium solves its 1,000th protein structure 30 Sep, 2011

The Main page at Proteopedia ( features several substantial updates 20 Sep, 2011 via Facebook

Proteopedia needs users' input on our license change at 18 Sep, 2011 via Facebook

Proteopedia now has a Facebook account to help users connect. 13 Sep via Facebook

Also linked over http://MolviZ.Org, a tutorial on the Lac repressor at with a 3D morph 11:28 PM Sep 11th via web

3D structure of a protein ring critical for innate immunity ---> Science ---> 4:01 PM Sep 8th via web

A special thanks to all the contributors and voters who helped. This award is really in recognition of the Proteopedia user community. 3:29 PM Sep 8th via web

@xtaldave Thanks for heralding the good news that we were awarded the The Scientist's 2010 Labby award for web site. 3:26 PM Sep 8th via web

Proteopedia was awarded "Best Website" both in the Judges' and the Readers' choice categories of The Scientist magazine's 2010 Labby Awards. 5:19 PM Sep 2nd via web

Proteopedia Page of the Year 2009 Competition results announced. 3:25 PM Sep 8th via web

@xtaldave Thanks for heralding the good news that we were awarded the The Scientist's 2010 Labby award for web site. 5:57 PM Jul 30th via web

Advances in Jmol offer unprecedented opportunities to enhance student learning using virtual models of molecules -----> 5:19 PM Sep 2nd via web

Propteopedia user, Helen Ginn, has released a molecular viewer app called Cmol for the Iphone and Ipad.L 2:44 PM Sep 1st via web

If you like Proteopedia's 3D images, you should check out the new release of Jmol. Lots of new and fantastic features! 5:57 PM Jul 30th via web

RT @xtaldave Paper uploaded to Nature Structural & Molecular Biology - keep your fingers crossed for me... 12:23 PM Jul 24th via TweetDeck

The future of Structural Biology kicks off: World’s Most Intense X-Ray Laser Takes First Shots 4:22 PM Jul 1st via TweetDeck

Take the shield for a spin on your computer--> RT @NatureNews The genome's shield from sunlight 4:38 PM Jul 5th via web

@cactus_f Thanks for posting a link to our site on Twitter. 4:19 PM Jul 5th via web in reply to cactus_f

@TomMcLaughlin76 I don't know about replicating dinosaur DNA, but your son can come twirl some DNA at 4:32 PM Jul 1st via web in reply to TomMcLaughlin76

There is still time to vote for us more in the Labbies Awards for Best Website Thanks! 10:11 PM Jul 1st via web

@xtaldave We appreciate your support and vote a lot. Thanks for helping us in the Labbies Awards for Best Website 10:03 PM Jul 1st via web

RT @xtaldave YO! Structural Biologists and Fans of Structural Biology! Vote for @proteopedia at Labbie awards for best website! #PX 12:19 AM Jun 27th via TweetDeck by xtaldave

@HelenGinn Thanks, Helen. We appreciate your help spreading the word. 9:57 PM Jul 1st via web in reply to HelenGinn

Celebrate 10 years since the announcement of the human genome draft by exploring in 3D what it encodes. Example--> 9:53 PM Jul 1st via web

Proteopedia selected as one of the 5 finalists in the 2010 Labbies Award for Best Website from The Scientist <--Vote 12:05 AM Jun 26th via web

Proteopedia is up for a 2010 Labby Multimedia Award from The Scientist (@TheScientistLLC); to view and vote go to Friday, June 25, 2010 4:41:46 PM via web

@sswchow Thanks for all the interesting updates from the Canadian Light Source's macromolecular crystallography school Friday, June 18, 2010 5:28:23 PM via web

@LyanaMiranda If you like structural biology, please check out Proteopedia! Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:09:24 PM via web in reply to LyanaMiranda

Considering post-translational modification of proteins in 3D ---> "When Proteomics Meets Structural Biology" in TiBS Jun 8th via web

@djproctor Please mention to coworkers they could get accounts and enhance the K-turn content here & direct users to their Kink-turn site. 10:32 PM Jun 6th via web in reply to djproctor

@djproctor Ah yes, familiar with that interesting site as they are working with Bob Hanson, developer of Jmol. (cont) 10:04 PM Jun 6th via web in reply to djproctor

@djproctor Don't let the 'Proteo' in the name mislead you; nucleic acid structures filed at the PDB are here too. RNA structure DB wiki? 8:17 AM Jun 6th via web in reply to djproctor

RT @djproctor For Kersten, Jo and Scott - a neat little wiki site of protein structures and information RT @Bio_Careers Jun 6th via web

RT @Bio_Careers Here's a a neat little wiki site of protein structures and information. Hope you all enjoy! Jun 6th via web

In addition to the three winners of this year's Nobel Prize for Chemistry, learn Proteopedia and crystallography @ 7:01 PM Jun 3rd via web

The 42nd crystallographic course at Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Italy has an impressive list of speakers too. 6:57 PM Jun 3rd via web

Three Proteopedia workshops coming up at the the 42nd Erice Course 6:33 PM Jun 3rd via web

Click the biological molecule to see THE FUNNEL OF DEATH as referred to by @biochemnews May 19th via web

@_alitaptap Maybe make an animation with HGPRT showing the conformation changes you mention over at Proteopedia --> ? May 19th via web in reply to _alitaptap

Structure of Insulin’s Docking Point Identified: The insulin receptor is a large protein SEE IT--> 1:41 AM May 1st via web

Structure reveals "Dynamin is the master regulator of endocytosis..." See it in 3D ---> 9:21 AM Apr 30th via web

Result in 3D --> @Sciencia Protein 3D structure determination by high-resolution solid-state NMR 11:46 PM Apr 25th via web

Happy DNA Day! Explore DNA at ---> 12:32 AM Apr 24th via web

Simian Virus 40 outer shell simplified Take it for a spin! 5:43 AM Apr 23rd via web

Proteopedia scene authoring tools now feature a robust UNDO button for all your 3D molecular visualization needs 8:00 AM Apr 22nd via web

RT danamurchison Super clear NOVA gallery: how DNA structure was deduced from Franklin's x-ray images! 6:22 PM Apr 21st via web

Proteopedia scene authoring tools are excellent for easily making Jmol scenes. You can copy state script to any Jmol 7:37 AM Apr 21st via web

3D@ RT @TodayinRNA Major props to my former grad lab.dO-G riboswitch structure on the cover of RNA 6:16 AM Apr 20th via web

Proteopedia indicates all 'removed' entries, see, e.g. 10:28 PM Apr 19th via web

RT ReciprocalSpace Ultimate List of Crystallography Related Programs: I have some more to add, but hopefully this is enough to get yo... 8:26 AM Apr 19th via twitterfeed

Since Proteopedia uses Jmol for the scenes, you have the option of 3D glasses, as described-> (via @Tzontonel ) 4:18 AM Apr 19th via web

A: Jmol Virtual Molecular Model Kit @sciencebase Q: Chemical scientists, what molecular structure drawing package are you using? 1:51 AM Apr 17th via web

Celebrate James Watson's birthday ( a few days late) by exploring the DNA double helix 10:52 PM Apr 16th via web

RT DNALC Today is James Watson's 82nd birthday! Celebrate by learning all about the discovery of the DNA double helix at 5:12 PM Apr 6th via web

Proteopedia has warning banners on all the involved entries. RT @P212121: Just Posted: Retract the Papers? 6:22 AM Apr 16th via web

RT softpediacom Jmol 12.0 RC5 / 11.8.22 (LGPL) 11:46 PM Apr 15th via twitterfeed

RT "My favourite protein structure.:" @xtaldave If you added some of this at Proteopedia folks could spin it in 3D. 8:54 PM Apr 15th via web

Click on the green links and see that the ribosome is a ribozyme. 8:28 AM Apr 15th via web

In 'The Scientist', 'Structure Made Simple' A guide to reaching into structural biology databases. 8:10 AM Apr 15th via web

@FunkyDung See and 7:51 AM Apr 15th via web

RT@FunkyDung"Anyone know how to find the number of biological molecules per asymmetric unit in structure models from the Protein Data Bank?" 7:48 AM Apr 15th via web

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