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Teaching at Osaka University, Japan, 2009, in Keiichi Namba's Protonic Nanomachine Group. Photograph courtesy of Akihiro Kawamoto.

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Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA USA

Personal website:
Publications and Citations             ((quick link for accts))


Proteopedia Pages to Which I've Contributed

Unless otherwise indicated, these are pages that I created, and for which I provided the initial content.
Below, -> or <- mean that one page redirects to another page.

Molecules: Topic Pages

Molecules: PDB Code-Titled Pages

  • 1hgf Influenza hemagglutinin
  • 2ic8 (green links in overview) Author Ya Ha in 2008 believes the BioUnit is a monomer, though in the 2006 publication, they speculated that it was a trimer. The PDB file deems it a monomer.
  • 2rd0 Phosphatidylinositol kinase oncogene: I authored scenes similar to many of the figures from the publication.

Topic Pages: Lists of Other Pages

Topic Pages - Education

(Some of these pages are linked redundantly under other headings on this page.)

Topic Pages - Molecular Playground

Topic Pages - Structural Bioinformatics







Art, Molecular

Interactive 3D Complements

Topic Pages: People/Biographies






EMail List

Meta Pages


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Proteopedia Pages Using Jmol Color Key Legends



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Color Keys

Green Links

Pages by Others That I Especially Like

This is not a complete list -- it is a just a few that I want to be able to find easily in case I forget.


  • One-day courses in molecular visualization and structural bioinformatics for researchers and educators.

Principal Author or Architect of (Elsewhere):

And in an earlier era

Personal Quicklinks


PDB Examples

  • Sites (after 2nd remediation): 1uu1 (AC1); 1fws (AC1-6); 1sid (AC1-9, BC1-9, all "binding sites"); 1pop (AC1-AC9, BC1-BC9, CC1-CC6 all "binding sites" + CAT "CAT"); 1zzz (CAT "Active Site");

Files Uploaded

Sandboxes Reserved for Teaching

Sandboxes for Collaborations

Sandboxes: Protected




Malvankar Collaborations

Ke Xiao Collaborations

Protected Topic Pages

All Protected Pages

Other Quicklinks

Personal To Do List

  • Knots

Pages Needing Repairs

  • Lac repressor some scenes broken
  • Structural alignment tools: the morph green link hangs JSmol (2/2021) but morph green links work on other pages (tested: Lac repressor, recovering, mechanosensitive, avian influ.)

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eric Martz, Eran Hodis

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