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Yeast RNase P bound to pre-tRNA (PDB entry 6ah3)

3D Structures of RNase P

Updated on 02-September-2019

Cryo-electron microscopy structure of an archaeal ribonuclease P holoenzyme.

RNP-based RNase P

6agb - RNP-based RNase P - S. cerevisiae
6ah3 - RNP-based RNase P bound to pre-tRNA substrate - S. cerevisiae

Protein-only RNase P

5diz - nuclear PRORP2 - Arabidopsis thaliana
4g23 -mitochondrial and chloroplast PRORP1 - Arabidopsis thaliana

1jox 1jp0 1u9s

2a2e 2k3r 2ki7 2vrt

3iab 3q1q 3q1r

4g23 4g24 4g25 4g26 4xgl


5diz 5xtm

6ahv 6bv5 6bv6 6bv8 6bv9

1a6f 1d6t 1nz0 1oqk 1ts9 1tsf 1v76 1v77 1x0t

2av5 2czv 2k3r 2ki7 2ljp 2zae

3dhs 3iab 3q1q 3q1r 3wyz 3wz0

4g23 4g24 4g25 4g26 4jg4 4xgl 4xgm

5diz 5ft9

6agb 6ah3 6ahr 6ahu 6ahv 6bv5 6bv6 6bv8 6bv9 6cqc 6cwx 6d1r 6k0a 6k0b 6max

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