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Glycosylated human renin (PDB code 2ren)

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3D structures of renin

Updated on 08-December-2019

1bbs, 2ren – hRen – human
1rne – hRen + transition state analog inhibitor
1hrn, 1bil, 1bim, 2bks, 2bkt, 2fs4, 2g1n, 2g1o, 2g1r, 2g1s, 2g1y, 2g21, 2g22, 2g24, 2g26, 2g27, 2g20, 2i4q, 2iko, 2iku, 2il2, 2v0z, 2v10, 2v11, 3d91, 2v13, 2v16, 3gw5, 3g6z, 3g70, 3g72, 3km4, 3k1w, 3oqf, 3oot, 3oqk, 3oad, 3oag, 3own, 3o9l, 3q3t, 3sfc, 3q4b, 3q5h, 3vsw, 3vsx, 2v12, 3vuc, 3vyd, 3vye, 3vyf, 4gj5, 4gj6, 4gj7, 4gj8, 4gj9, 4gja, 4gjb, 4gjc, 4gjd, 4pyv, 4q1n, 4ryc, 4ryg, 4rz1, 4s1g, 4xx3, 4xx4, 5kod, 5kos, 5kot, 5t4s, 5sxn, 5sy2, 5sy3, 5sz9, 5koq, 5tmg, 5tmk, 5v8v, 5vpm, 5vrp - hRen + inhibitor
2x0b – hRen + angiotensinogen
6i3f – hRen (mutant) + angiotensinogen
5mkt – mRen-1 – mouse
1smr - mRen + peptide inhibitor
5mlg – Ren – rat

3vcm, 4amt – hProrenin


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