Retinoid isomerohydrolase

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Bovine RPE65 complex with palmitate, amixustat and Fe+2 ion (PDB code 4rsc)

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3D structures of retinoid isomerohydrolase

Updated on 12-October-2023

4f2z, 4f30, 4f3a, 4f3d, 3kvc, 3fsn – bRPE65 - bovine
4ryx, 4ryy, 4ryz, 4rsc – bRPE65 + emixustat
7k88 – bRPE65 + emixustat derivative
7k89, 7l0e – bRPE65 + emixustat derivative + palmitate
4zhk, 4rse – bRPE65 + MB-200
8doc - bRPE65 + MB-003 + palmitate
5ul5, 7k8g - bRPE65 + MB-004 + palmitate
5ulg - bRPE65 + MB-008 + palmitate


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