Rhodopsin kinase

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Bovine rhodopsin kinase complex with ATP, Mg+2 and Cl- ions (PDB code 3c4x)

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3D Structures of rhodopsin kinase

Updated on 17-October-2023

3c4y – bRK – bovine
3t8o – bRK (mutant)
3c4w, 3c4x – bRK + ATP
3c4z, 3c50, 3c51 – bRK + ADP
3qc9 – bRK (mutant) + ADP
4l9i – bRK + paroxetine
4pni – bRK + inhibitor
4wbo – bRK + almexanox
2i94 – bRK + recoverin - NMR
7mt9 – bRK + rhodpsin + retinal – Cryo EM
7mtb – bRK (mutant) + rhodpsin + retinal – Cryo EM
7mta – bRK (mutant) + rhodpsin + retinal + antibody – Cryo EM
7mt8 – bRK (mutant) + rhodpsin + retinal + antibiotic – Cryo EM


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