Ribosomal protein L18

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Ribosomal protein L18 NMR structure (PDB code 1ily)

3D Structures of Ribosomal protein L18

Updated on 01-October-2017


1ovy – RPL18 – Geobacillus stearothermophilus - NMR
1ily – TtRPL18 –Thermus thermophilus - NMR


  1. Woestenenk EA, Gongadze GM, Shcherbakov DV, Rak AV, Garber MB, Hard T, Berglund H. The solution structure of ribosomal protein L18 from Thermus thermophilus reveals a conserved RNA-binding fold. Biochem J. 2002 May 1;363(Pt 3):553-61. PMID:11964156

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