Ribosomal protein L19

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Ribosomal protein L19 (PDB code 4v5k)

3D Structures of Ribosomal protein L19

Updated on 22-October-2017

L19 in part of 80S ribosome

2ww9, 2wwa – yRPL19+RPL4+RPL17+RPL25+RPL26+RPL31+RPL34+RPL35+RPL39+25S RRNA+SSH1P+SSS1+SEB2 – yeast - Cryo EM
2wwb - wRPL19+RPL4+RPL17+RPL19+RPL25+RPL26+RPL31+RPL35+RPL39+25S RRNA+5.8S RRNA+ dSEBC61 – wheat - Cryo EM


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