Ribosomal protein S13

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Ribosomal protein S13 (PDB code 2zm6 chain M)

3D Structures of Ribosomal protein S13

Updated on 01-October-2017

S13 in part of small ribosomal subunit

2r1g – TtRPS13+ TtRPS9+ TtRPS12+ 16S RRNA fragment - Thermus thermophilus - Cryo-EM
3iyx, 3iyy - EcRPS13+ EcRPL5+ EcRPL31 – Escherichia coli - Cryo-EM
1mj1 - EcRPS13 +EcRPS12 +EcRPL11 + Phe-tRNA + elongation factor Tu + 23S RRNA fragments – Cryo EM
1ysh - RPS13+ RPL30+ RPL37+RNA fragments – Cryo-EM – rice


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