Rtp and Tus DNA Binding

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Replication Termination Proteins

Rtp and Tus These polar fork bocking sites have been found in yeast, pea, frog and human genomes.


RTP is a DNA binding protein from Bacillus Subtilis that uses a helix-loop-helix binding motif. In solution it shows a symmetric structure typical of the winged helix loop helix family, with an unstructured end, first alpha helix , unstructured loop that is equivalent to the first beta sheet , helix loop helix structure (-), 2 beta sheets with a connecting loop that makes up the 'wing' structure and an additional long alpha helix involved in dimerisation .

Assymmetry of RTP in DNA-binding

: Contacts upstream with rtp dimer bound to A-site

: Contacts with phosphate backbone of downstream DNA

Residues binding to DNA

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3D structures of replication termination protein

Replication Termination Protein

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