Selenocysteine lyase

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Rat selenocysteine lyase complex with PLP, cysteine, phosphate and glycerol (PDB code 3a9y)

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3D structures of selenocysteine lyase

Updated on 15-March-2022

3gzc, 3gzd - hSCL + PLP derivative - human
3a9x - rSCL + PLP - rat
3a9z - rSCL + PLP + selenopropionate
3a9y - rSCL + PLP + cysteine
4q75 - AtSCL + PLP derivative + cysteine derivative - Arabidopsis thaliana
4q76 - AtSCL (mutant) + PLP derivative + cysteine derivative
1jf9, 1c0n, 6ndn, 6o10 - EcCsdB + PLP - Escherichia coli
6o12 - EcCsdB (mutant) + PLP
1kmj, 1kmk, 5db5, 6mr2, 6uy5 - EcCsdB + PLP + cysteine derivative
6mr6, 6mre, 6mrh, 6mri, 6o13 - EcCsdB (mutant) + PLP + cysteine derivative
6o11 - EcCsdB (mutant) + cysteine derivative
5ft4, 5ft5, 5ft6 - EcCsdA + PLP
1i29 - EcCsdB + PLP + propagylglycine
5ft8 - EcCsdA + CsdE + PLP
7tlm - ApSCL + PLP + Ala – Atopobium parvulum
7tlq, 7tlr - ApSCL (mutant) + PLP


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