Strictosidine Synthase

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Strictosidine synthase dimer complex with tryptamine (PDB entry 2fpb)

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3D structures of strictosidine synthase

Updated on 06-December-2023

2fp8 – sSTR1 – serpentwood
3v1s – dSTR - devilpepper
2fp9 – sSTR1 + tartaric acid

2fpb – sSTR1 (mutant) + tryptamine

2fpc – sSTR1 + secologanin

2v91 – sSTR1 residues 32-333 + strictosidine

2vaq – sSTR1 + inhibitor
6n5v, 7t5i, 7t5j – sSTR + indole derivative
4imb, 4iyg – dSTR + indole derivative
6s5q, 6s5u, 6s5j, 6s5m – STR + carboline derivative – Ophiorrhiza pumila
6zea – STR + carboline derivative – periwinkle


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