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Ideas for improvement

This "figure-review" was written by Kimberly Morris as part of an assignment for a Biochemistry course at Westfield State University, and posted here by the instructor with permission.

  1. My favorite figure: The static figure which makes you think of a green apple with a worm in it. The worm looking shape is the hydrophobic binding group. A long narrow binding group.
  2. Suggestion for improvement: What I don’t like about this image is the green blob. The first sentence of the structure section of the article sates “The secondary structure of PPT1 contains several α-helices and few β-sheets (Figure 1).” If you look at figure one you cant see the difference between the α-helices or the β-sheets. Instead of using the green blob figure for Figure 1, I would have used the purple and gray figure that show up when you click on hydrophobic binding groove highlighted in green in the structure section of the article. It allows you to clearly see the different parts surrounding the binding groove. I think a little more detailed structure like this one with a better distinction of parts using colors can help the reader better understand the material and get a clearer image of the protein and how it works.

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