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Ideas for improvement

This "figure-review" was written by Abigail Schoner as part of an assignment for a Biochemistry course at Westfield State University, and posted here by the instructor with permission.

  1. My favorite figure: Figure “lysine 40 and asparagine 46.” The figure is based on the coordinates 3rtj and the script is The primary citation is available at Also available is a book examining glycobiology that contains an article that discusses the lectins found in ricin, which can be viewed at
  2. This is my suggestion for a figure legend: Lysine 40 and Asparagine 46 of the A chain (gray) facilitate the interaction of carbohydrates bound to the B chain (green) which terminate with galactose. The interaction occurs through hydrogen bonds.
  3. What I like about the figure: I like that the figure shows an enlarged view of the domain responsible for the two carbohydrates on the cells surface that terminate with galactose. It gives a nice view of the proteins (lysine 40 and asparagine 46) and the carbohydrate (galactose).
  4. Corresponding figure in the primary citation: In the figure, both the A chain and the B chain are shown. There are different molecules shown throughout the A chain, but there are no labels to determine which molecules they are. The figure shows the overall structure, but it is difficult to determine what exactly is being looked at.
  5. How I think the figure could be improved: This figure could be improved by showing the hydrogen bonds between lysine 40 and asparagine 46 with the carbohydrate. I would also suggest that the other domain containing asparagine 255 be visible when rotated because they facilitate the same interaction. When it is rotated now, all you can view is the carbohydrate and not the asparagine 255.


  1. Monzingo AF, Robertus JD. X-ray analysis of substrate analogs in the ricin A-chain active site. J Mol Biol. 1992 Oct 20;227(4):1136-45. PMID:1433290
  2. Varki A, Cummings RD, Esko JD, et al., editors. Essentials of Glycobiology 3rd ed. Cold Spring Harbor (NY): Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 2015-2017.

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