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E. coli TonB C-terminal dimer complex with Br- ions (dark red) (PDB code 1ihr)

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3D structures of TonB

Updated on 06-December-2020

1ihr, 1qxx, 1u07 – EcTonB C terminal – Escherichia coli
1xx3, 5lw8 - EcTonB C terminal – NMR
2grx - EcTonB + ferrichrome-iron receptor
2ivz - EcTonB + colicin-E9 peptide
2gsk - EcTonB C terminal + vitamin B12 transporter BtuB
2k9k – TonB2 C terminal – Listonella anguillarum
6fip - PaTonB C terminal – Pseudomonas aeruginosa - NMR
6i97 - PaTonB C terminal + TonB-dependent receptor
5lw8, 6sly - TonB C terminal – Helicobacter pylori - NMR


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