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Human transferrin receptor ectodomain dimer (grey and green) complex with transferrin N-lobe (pink and yellow) and C-lobe (cyan and magenta) and carbonate, 1suv

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3D structures of transferrin receptor

Updated on 22-January-2024

Domains – apical 197-378; ectodomain 121-760

1cx8 – hTfR ectodomain – human
6y76, 8p0z - hTfR apical domain
1de4 - hTfR ectodomain + hemochromatosis protein + β-2-microglobulin
1suv, 6soy, 6soz - hTfR ectodomain + transferrin
6okd - hTfR ectodomain + TfR-binding cysteine-dense peptide
6d03, 6d04, 6d05 - hTfR ectodomain + transferrin – Cryo EM
6gsr, 6h5i - hTfR ectodomain + ferritin heavy chain – Cryo EM
6s9j - hTfR ectodomain + PRE-GP-C
3s9l, 3s9m, 3s9n - hTfR ectodomain + transferrin N-lobe
2nsu - hTfR ectodomain in dog retrovirus – Cryo EM
3kas - hTfR ectodomain + Machupo virus GP1
6wrv, 6wrw, 6wrx - hTfR ectodomain + synthetic protein
7zqs - hTfR + DNA – Cryo EM


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