Trichodiene synthase

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Trichodiene synthase complex with diphosphate, competitive inhibitor and Mg+2 ion (green) 2q9y

3D Structures of trichodiene synthase

Updated on 26-September-2019

1jfa – FsTCS – Fusarium sporotrichioides
1kiy, 1yj4, 2ps6 – FsTCS (mutant)
2aek, 2ps4, 2ps7 – FsTCS (mutant) + Mg
1jfg, 2q9z – FsTCS + PP + Mg
1kiz, 1yyq, 2ps5, 2ps8 – FsTCS (mutant) + PP + Mg
1yyr, 1yys, 1yyt, 1yyu, 2ael, 2aet – FsTCS (mutant) + PP + Mg + azabisabolene
2q9y – FsTCS + PP + Mg + benzyl triethyl ammonium


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