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Amir Mitchell

I am currently doing a postdoc in the field of Synthetic Biology at Wendell Lim's lab at UCSF. I have recently completed my PhD studies at Tzachi Pilpel's lab of Computational Functional Genomics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. I'm currently searching for a postdoc in the field of Synthetic Biology. I completed my MSc at Dan Graur's lab of Information Biology and Molecular Evolution at Tel Aviv University. I am a graduate of the Adi Lautman interdisciplinary program for outstanding students at Tel Aviv University.

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During my MSc studies I focused on understanding the molecular level of the mutational process - inferring the pattern of spontaneous mutation in bacteria (Mitchell and Graur, JME 2005) and developing an algorithm for the identification of functional protein residues ((Mayrose, Mitchell and Pupko, JME 2005). In my PhD studies, I focused on the adaptation of microorganisms to the various stimuli they encounter (e.g., stresses). This research revolves around my hypothesis of Environmental Adaptive Conditioning claiming that organisms can adapt not only to the stimuli they encounter but also to the temporal order in which they appear in the natural environment. My research revealed that two model microorganisms, E. coli and S. cerevisiae, have adapted to the temporal order of stimuli in the habitats (Mitchell et al, Nature 2009).


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