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default platformSpeed, 5 when JSmol

attribute pspeed=8

New attribute pspeed overrides the default value for platformSpeed, set to 5 when using JSmol. On the left hand side applet, cylinders are not drawn while rotating, as specified by the platformSpeed value of 5. On the right applet, the attribute pspeed overrides the default, setting platformSpeed to 8. Toggle spin on the left hand side applet to enable the rendering of cylinders.

Compare when rendering the page adding ?use=java to the URL.


platformSpeed values

value >=  enables
8  antialiasDisplay (and thus, all features)
7  translucency
6  meshes (contact, draw, isosurface, MO, pmesh, lcaocartoon, CGO)
5  cartoons, rockets, trace, ribbon
4  geosurfaces
3  ellipsoids
2  wireframe and balls
1  none of the above (same as "set wireframeRotation off")

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