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This is an overview of OER projects I have been involved with to show the range of possible engagement. Icons are used to indicate how much time each one of these required:

  • 🐇: quick, first shared version within a day
  • 🐢: week-long effort
  • ☀️: summer project

Once a project is shared, there might be further improvement (each time you teach with it, you notice something that can be improved). However, these incremental changes are usually quickly implemented.


OER I have used

🐇 Adopting a section from a college success book for a N.E.S.T. activity: OpenStax

🐢 Adopting a General Chemistry textbook: OpenStax

☀️ Adopting a Biochemistry textbook after porting chapters to Libretext repository: Libretexts

OER I have remixed and used

☀️ GOB textbook: Libretexts

OER I have authored or coauthored

🐇 Stereochemistry activity for GOB course: Proteopedia

🐇 VSEPR activity for General Chemistry course: Proteopedia

🐇 Figure that shows dilution of a solution: Wikimedia commons

🐇 History of the words methyl and ethyl: Chemistry Stackexchange

🐢 Opioid crisis lesson plan based on Westfield student work: OER commons

🐢 Figure on Chymotrypsin mechanism: Github

☀️ Pandemic dorm/kitchen lab activities for GOB course: Libretexts

☀️ Slides for GOB course: Libretexts

Open pedagogy (students publish their work)

🐢 Garman lab: Proteopedia

🐢 Schubert lab: Proteopedia

🐢 Kisker lab: Proteopedia

Talk on OER figures

🐢 Given at Open Ed 2020: Lightning talk

Open source software

☀️☀️☀️ PQcalc online calculator: Github

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Karsten Theis

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